Sunday School now meets as Children’s Church!

Children’s Church (K-5) is at 10:30am in the Christian Education wing during Salem’s 10:30 worship service. Children meet up with their families in the worship service part-way through at the Passing of the Peace.

On the 1st Sunday of the month we have Family Church (and on festival Sundays). Children will attend worship with their families instead of having Children’s Church in the Christian Education Wing. There is NO Sunday School/Children’s Church on Family Church Sundays.

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Teachers are always needed! To volunteer, contact Sunday School Superintendent Jodi Johann.

After Sunday… Check out Faith at Home – For kids and families, here are some reading and video devotionals, coloring pages, prayers, virtual Easter Egg hunt ideas, curated by the staff of the ELCA. They are designed to help a household’s walk of faith together.



Confirmation is the the process of affirming baptismal promises and intentionally growing faith in our 7th and 8th graders. Salem’s 2-year Confirmation experience includes Scripture study, and Lutheran Heritage and Theology. Each confirmand also has a Confirmation mentor to serve with, learn with, and talk with about faith.

Weekly instruction is held at church. As of 2022, Confirmation Sunday is on Reformation Sunday in the fall.

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Click the image to learn more about Re:Form, Salem’s Confirmation curriculum & its scope.

Sunday Evening Bible Study

Currently are not meeting.

Fun Sunday School Memories

Sunday School (Virtual) Christmas Program 2020

2020 Virtual Sunday School Christmas Program

Previous Adult Bible studies Salem has used:

Living our Baptism

A 5-week Sunday morning Bible study on “Living Our Baptism: Five Gifts/Marks of Discipleship” – click here

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A 6-week Sunday afternoon Bible study on “Making Sense of the Cross” by David Lose – click here

Jesus Around the World

Pastor Allison taught this study in the Easter Season, and we looked at the backgrounds of Jesus artwork from around the world. This helped us to gain a richer understanding of God in Christ through the arts. This was inspired by Rev. Emmy Kegler’s writing “Room for Interpretation”:

“Freeing Jesus” Book Study

In this book study we read chapters “Friend,” “Teacher,” and “Way.” All together the book follows different images of Jesus: friend, teacher, savior, lord, way, and presence.

As other topics are offered, adult classes meet at church. Email Pastor Allison for more information –