Technology Campaign

Called by our purpose to be a beacon of Christ’s light on a hill, Salem is updating our audio and video, in person and online, in the sanctuary. Thank you to those who have already given so generously to make this happen with your special gifts! If you are feeling led to make a special gift to our technology campaign, please make a note of “Technology Campaign” on your gift and click here.

Updated February 15, 2023

Our sound system is up and running and working great. The sound is wonderful and the streaming is going well. A few hiccups along the way but things are up and running Check things out on Facebook on Sunday mornings.

Phases of our Technology Upgrade Updated October 2022

We have entered into a contract with Electronic Sound to secure the delivery of equipment, and we are actively seeking donations. If you’re interested in donating/making a special gift to the improvement our systems, please contact council members Matt Cone, Carrie Flynn or Rod Gnuse.

Phase 1:
• Action: Replace out-dated computer and monitors.
Benefit: better control of cameras and feedback; less lag time
between slides during service and improved live-streaming on
social media

Phase 2:
• Action: Remove old equipment and wiring; replace plaster and
paint in areas as needed.
Benefit: Less wire, less clutter in front of church and in sound
Prepares church for future improvement stages.

Phase 3:
• Action: Replace speakers and microphones
Benefit: Improved sound during worship—in-person and online;
enhanced clarity of microphones for announcements, lectors and

Phase 4:
• Action: Replace cameras for improved streaming
Benefit: Improved picture on videos, improved service experience
in Fellowship and Fireplace room (this will help with overflow for
funerals and weddings or other large services).

Thank you for helping Salem be a beacon of Christ’s light from this hill!