Sunday Links, August 2

Good morning & greetings in the name of Christ this 9th Sunday after Pentecost! Worship is at 9:30am central. Download our bulletin & find access to the live 9:30am online worship video.

We welcome online AND in person worshippers! In person worship measures that began in July can be found here. Never fear, live online worship access on Facebook is on-going! 💻

Download today’s bulletin here:

We celebrate the sacrament of Holy Communion today! With COVID-19 measures in place, we will be using individual Communion kits. We invite our online worshipers to join in by providing their own bread and juice (or wine). We will partake together at the same time, in the last half of the service. Let us rejoice in the grace and new life we receive in Christ, in, with, and under the elements in this extraordinary time.