Holy Communion at Salem in the time of COVID-19

This Sunday we will be partaking in Holy Communion together! Here are a few things to keep in mind as we celebrate the Lord’s Supper in worship for the first time since March:

+ For in person worshippers, in the narthex, please see the black table on the right and take an individual Communion kit before worship. Each kit has 1 serving of grape juice and 1 wafer. One you find a place to sit, place your kit in the pew-back pocket in front of you for safe-keeping until we partake in the sacrament later in the service.

+ In the Communion liturgy, we will stay seated to eat the bread and drink the cup in one moment together as Pastor leads us from up front. This is to limit walking and the exposure of COVID-19 or aerosol-based viruses that can be shared through touch and particles in the air.

+ After the Offering, please notice your Communion kit has a plastic top and a foil top, and for a moment we will remove our masks. It’s handy to hold down the foil tab as you peel open the plastic cover that holds the wafer on top. When instructed, eat the wafer. Then, together we’ll peel the foil part for the grape juice to drink. Please ask our helpful ushers if you need help. Please place your kit wrapper in the pew-back pocket when you are done and they will be picked up after worship.

+ For online worshippers, please provide your own bread and juice (or wine) at home and consume the Communion elements at the same time as those in person. Despite our physical distance God makes us one, and we are faithfully the body of Christ even in extraordinary times.

+ Pastor’s Communion visits continue to be held at church, and if you’re more comfortable receiving the sacrament in a visit form instead of with the worshipping body, she is happy to celebrate Communion with you!

Please let Pastor Allison Siburg, your council members or the ushers know if you have any questions! God bless.