Sunday, July 5 we Begin a Gradual Regathering In-Person for Worship!

Tomorrow, on Sunday, July 28 we will worship online only at 9:30. But on Sunday, July 5 we will worship online and… begin a gradual regathering in-person at 9:30!

The following is how we will proceed with in-person worship which will begin on Sunday, July 5. Please read this note & measures we all share below. If you have any questions, please contact Koni Shallberg or Pastor Allison Siburg at 425-301-9122.

After much prayerful consideration the Salem Church Council and Pastor Allison feels it is time to gradually reopen Salem’s in-person church services in the sanctuary. We know there is not a perfect way to begin, but we feel we have given considerable thought to safely opening our doors following CDC guidelines and safe social distancing.

Salem has been here for 160 years and we will continue to spread God’s word. Last year’s flood brought 45 minute commutes that had been 10 minutes yet we persevered, and this year’s pandemic has seen unprecedented closures, unemployment, toilet paper shortages and stay at home orders and again we are tested but continue to want some normalcy back. Fear and uncertainty have replaced our normal existence. We are strong and resilient and we will find a way to move forward safely. If you are not ready to join us in person we will miss you but we completely understand and will continue to provide Facebook Live stream on Sundays for you to watch. We will begin our in-person service on July 5, at 9:30 am. Please read the following steps we are taking to ensure a safer return for all. We hope to see you on the 5th!

Please call me if you have any questions regarding in-person services. Feel free to call Pastor for any spiritual needs or for communion.
God’s Blessings,
Koni Shallberg 402-720-2847

*If you do not feel well or if someone in your household does not feel well, please stay home & join us on Facebook live

*Masks are strongly encouraged but not mandatory

*No bulletins will be available. All information will be provided on the overhead screen

*Pastor Allison will enter and exit service into the Sanctuary from the North back altar stairs, following service she will greet everyone from across the street on the Parsonage walk and wave as they leave so she’s at a safe distance, as per her pregnancy doctor’s recommendation

*Salem worshippers will enter through the West main doors keeping a safe distance between other worshippers as they enter the Sanctuary

*Offering can be placed in a plate located near the entrance

*Worshippers will sit by family groups leaving 2 blocked off pews between groups for social distancing 6 feet

*Worshippers will wait to be dismissed by an usher and then exit with your family through the South doors

*Hand sanitizer will be located at the entrance and exit. Please use on your way in and upon exiting

*We will have communion in worship someday but not now. For now Pastor is also available for anyone wanting to bring wine and bread and come up to church during the week for communion

*We continue to pursue music options at this time

*We will be circulating our air as much as possible by turning the a/c blower fans on and ceiling fans turned up so dress appropriately if you get cool easily

*The balcony will be open however the front pew will be blocked off

*The fireplace/Sunday School wing, kitchen, basement and fellowship hall will remain closed unless needed for extra seating

*Only the main area restrooms and Sanctuary will be open