Lent Mid-Week Supper & Worship

Lent Mid-week Services:

Wednesdays, March 4, 11, 18, 25, and April 1… 6:00pm Supper, 7:00pm Worship

Come join in Salem’s fellowship and worship this Lenten season as we focus on how we are “Changed by God for the sake of the world” starting on Sunday, March 1!

3/1 Matthew 4:1-11, “Priorities,” Jesus’ temptation in the wilderness
3/8 John 3:1-17, “Perspective,” Nicodemus
3/15 John 4:5-42, “Possibilities,” Samaritan woman at the well
3/22 John 9:1-41, “Vision,” Man born blind
3/29 John 11:1-45, “Lives,” Lazarus

Each Sunday has a Gospel story that helps us focus on how we are changed because of Jesus in our lives. Starting Wednesday, March 4, every Wednesday mid-week service will give a preview to the Sunday following. And you can follow along, as we begin Lent, Sunday, March 1- our weekly Gospel readings are right here! ⬆️

See you at our mid-week Lenten Wednesdays for 6:00pm supper and 7:00pm worship & Sunday worship at 10:30am!