Worship and Music Plans for Lent

Our Lent theme during mid-week services will be centered around “Restored in Christ.” The season of Lent is a time for us to face together the brokenness of our lives and our world, and then turn that brokenness over to Christ so that we can be restored by him through the cross. An overview of these six weeks is as follows: Ash Wednesday-Broken hearts restored-Joel 2: 12-14-Our hearts are broken in sorrow over sin; Christ restores our hearts through his forgiveness. Week 1: Broken vessel restored-Mark 14: 1-9-A broken vessel holds costly perfume; we are broken vessels restored when Christ pays the price for us on the cross. Week 2: Broken trust restored-Matthew 26: 14-25-Judas breaks his trust with Jesus by betraying him; our broken trust is restored through the sacrifice of Christ. Week 3: Broken bread restored-John 6: 48-58-Bread is broken at the Last Supper; we are restored through the Bread of Life….Jesus. Week 4: Broken promises restored-Matthew 26: 69-75-Peter’s broken promises to never deny Jesus are restored by the surpassing love of Christ. Week 5: Broken justice restored-2 Corinthians 5: 20-21-A broken justice system puts Jesus on the cross; we are restored when by his death we are declared not guilty.

These services and our Sunday services during Lent will be enhanced by special music from “The Celebration Singers” along with our confirmation class. In addition various members will contribute their musical talents as well. We are always looking and asking for any and all to share their talents as well. Visit with Pastor or Cindy, please.   Holy Week and Easter plans will be shared in the April “Shalom.”